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Pond Colorant


Beautiful red color that is consistent and long lasting.
Sold in pint, quart, 1-gallon, and 5-gallon quantities

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Pond Colorant is a non-toxic, eco-friendly, and 100% organic colorant for your pond or lake used to create a more pleasing appearance. Acting as a shield, Pond Colorant prevents UV rays from penetrating to the bottom of the pond, helping to reduce plant and algae growth. It is compatible with most aquatic herbicides and algaecides, yet harmless to humans and wildlife. Once dispersed, Pond Colorant will not disrupt fishing, swimming, or irrigation.


Blue, Black


1 Gallon, Soluble Packs

Additional Info

Administration of Pond Colorant is as simple as pouring the dye into the water or throwing the water soluble packs into the water. It will quickly disperse throughout the pond, usually within a few hours. Because the dye will diffuse by itself throughout the water, there is no need to spray or spread the application out yourself.


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