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Color Wheel


Good looking natural green colorant
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With the Color Wheel, you’ll have easy, flawless application of Lawn Renu and Mulch Renu along hardscape surfaces! Prevent overspray onto your driveway, walkways or flower beds by simply rolling the Color Wheel along the edge of your lawn while spraying your Lawn Renu or Mulch Renu products to block unwanted dye from staining other parts of the yard.

We want your yard, field, or fairway to stay beautiful year-round, and we’re dedicated to providing you with the most safe and efficient products to achieve that and the Color Wheel is no exception. For both the DIY homeowner and landscape professional, the Color Wheel attaches to your backpack or pump sprayer to shield hard surfaces from overspray. The Color Wheel will spray on the right side of the wheel, while the 20-inch plastic wheel acts as a barrier protecting your driveway, walkways, and flower beds.

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