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About Us

About us

Nestled in the foothills of Appalachia, Proscape Colorants began as C.H. Patrick & Co. in 1946 as a specialty chemical manufacturer by its namesake, Charles Hugh Patrick, Sr. in Salisbury, North Carolina. C.H. Patrick’s original product line was comprised of finishing chemicals, primarily surfactants and softeners. Three years later, the company moved to be closer to the Southeastern United States textile industry and became jewel of the Palmetto State in Greenville, South Carolina.

In 1969, major textile manufacturer Graniteville Company purchased C.H. Patrick and began manufacturing dyestuff with indigo for denim and vat dyes for utility wear. In the early 70’s liquid disperse dyes, resins and dyeing auxiliaries were added to the product line. In 1988 the company entered into the sulfur dye market and acquired the Donaldson center manufacturing operation in 1989. The company’s ERS division was opened in 1992 as an in-house container recycling operation and was later expanded to become a full purpose drum and Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) reconditioner, servicing the chemical industry in the southeast. In 1993 Triarc Corporation, a New York conglomerate, purchased Graniteville Company and C.H. Patrick.

C.H. Patrick was purchased by BF Goodrich in 1998 and became an integral part of their Textile Group within the Performance Materials Division. In 2001 the Donaldson Dye Operation and the ERS Container Recycling were purchased by the C.H. Patrick Acquisition Group. The operating partners are executives with 30 years’ experience at C.H. Patrick & Co.

In 2010, C.H. Patrick recognized an opportunity in the market to create Turf and Mulch Colorants. With their staunch history and devotion to creating premium colorants, these products quickly became the leaders in the marketplace. Today our customer group has expanded from manufacturers to include residential properties, golf courses, sod farms, sports turf, and more! With the change of focus to colorants for lawn and garden softscapes, C.H. Patrick made a branding change in 2018 and now does business as Proscape Colorants for this sector. We provide a full palette of services including Manufacturing, Color Matching, Technical Assistance, Application Procedures, and Customer Seminars. Proscape Colorants looks forward to continued growth, expanded product lines, entrance into new market segments, and consistently keeping our customer happy with our products.